Understanding Sexual Health in Networks

Join us and empower yourself with your sexual health.

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USHINE is a paid research study to improve the sexual health of men who seek men in the Baltimore area.


We are on a mission to investigate the rising syphilis rates in Baltimore through quarterly visits that include short surveys and free testing. To qualify, you should be a man who has sex with men, between 18-45, and reside in Baltimore City. All participants will be paid each visit. 

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Join us December 8th at the Winter Wonderland Health Fair with JHU REACH- Baltimore War Memorial 2pm-6pm

We return to the GLCCB Dec 12th from 5pm-9pm. Sorry for the wait.



BCHD Druid Health Clinic 

M-F 9am-1pm

BCHD Eastern Health Clinic 

M-F 9am-1pm

Chase Brexton Health Services 

Tu 1pm-5pm, F 9am-5pm


Various Days 5pm-9pm